Molotow 327HS Marker Chisel Tip 4-8mm



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006 Zinc Yellow
013 Traffic Red
042 Currant
085 Dare Orange
086 Burgundy
160 Signal White
161 Shock Blue Middle
180 Signal Black
200 Neon Pink
204 True Blue
206 Lagoon Blue
221 Grasshopper
222 Universes Green
227 Metallic Silver
228 Metallic Gold
230 Shock Blue
231 Fuchsia Pink
232 Magenta
233 Purple Violet
234 Calypso Middle
235 Turquoise
236 Poison Green
237 Grey Blue Light
238 Gray Blue Dark
The pump-marker with the exchangeable 4-8mm Chisel-Tip for calligraphic art works and ONE4ALL-paint – the new reference-class in the marker area.

Unreached coverage, bright colors (100% UV-resistance), patented Flowmaster™ pump-valve for active paint-flow control and the patented capillary technology.

In addition to this comes the groundbreaking acrylic-based hybrid-paint that can be diluted with water or acetone. All these features made the ONE4ALL marker-series the new shooting-star of the art and design area.