Flame Blue 717-3004



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FB718 Character Beige
FB719 Macademia
FB732 Grey Beige Light
FB734 Grey Beige
FB736 Khaki Grey
FB738 Dark Brown
FB808 Terracotta Grey Pastel
FB810 Terracotta Grey Light
FB812 Terracotta Grey
FB820 Violet Grey Middle
FB822 Violet Grey
FB834 Light Grey Neutral
FB836 Middle Grey Neutral
FB838 Grey Neutral
FB840 Dark Grey Neutral
FB842 Anthracite Grey Middle
FB844 Anthracite Grey
FB846 Anthracite Grey Dark
FB900 Pure White
FB902 Ultra Chrome
FB904 Deep Black
FB906 Gold
FB908 Copper
FB1000 Fluo Yellow
FB1002 Fluo Orange
FB1004 Fluo Pink
FB1006 Fluo Green
FB3000 Transparent White
FB 3004 Transparent Black

Flame Paint by Molotow. Low pressure, matt coating, 120 colors. 400ml.

Get more for your money with the Flame Paint! High quality paint developped by Molotow, made in Europe, for a price you can afford. Acrylic-based formula, for all surfaces. For outdoor use.