Stylefile Classic 12 Markers Set (Main B)



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The Stylefile Marker 12pcs Marker Main B Set is perfect as a supplement for other Stylefile Marker Main Sets due to its 12 basic shades, but may also be used as a solid foundation for painting.

Thanks to its price-performance ratio, this makes the Stylefile Marker a very popular graffiti marker and its quality properties are valued not in vain in the architecture and design field!

- Ergonomic design
- Marked Chisel and Fine-liner tip
- Quality alcohol-based ink
- Resistant tips


154 (Canary Yellow)
214 (french vermillion)
312 (pink fruit)
360 (Vermillion)
368 (geranium)
458 (vivid reddish purple)
516 (Baby Blue)
554 (blue napoleon)
604 (Forest Green)
642 (emerald green)
672 (grass green)
812 (raw umber)