Stylefile Classic 12 Markers Set (Main C)



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The Stylefile Marker 12pcs. Set Main C can be a perfect foundation or combination for other sets or be used by itself- not only for graffiti writers and illustrators!

Many years of development work were put into this professional marker and now its properties are appreciated in the architecture and design field. In addition to its great price-performance ratio, the alcohol-based ink marker scores highly due to its specially developed and resistant tips from the market leader.

The ergonomic design and the marks for the chisel and fine-liner tip make the marker easy for handling, and also help to prevent rolling due to a small stopper.

112 (cream)
158 (yellow)
206 (rose beige)
350 (coral pink)
364 (deep red)
414 (dark violet Light)
464 (light violet)
512 (marine blue)
600 (turquoise blue)
648 (deep green)
800 (burnt sienna)
810 (brick brown)